About Us

At MV Tech Innovations, we strive to make our customers a part of the IT Solution process as much as possible. We have Enterprise level experience in Computer Repair, ASP.NET Web application development, database design and implementation, Desktop Application development, Enterprise Networking, and general computing. Our focus is on custom Web Application design and development and extends beyond the creation of a basic website, rather we try to make sure you have complete control over your content no matter what level of computer knowledge you possess.

About Some Of Our Staff

Ryan Victory: Ryan Victory is a Computer Programmer with experience developing at all levels of the software development process. He has extensive experience working with .NET technologies including Windows Desktop applications and ASP.NET web applications. Ryan hosts his own blog at http://www.ryanvictory.com where he discusses computing topics related to Windows, programming, and computer security.

Matthew Meis:  Matt Meis is a skilled computer technician and owner of Meis PC Solutions.  Through his experience with Meis PC Solutions he has gained crucial knowledge about customers needs and wants and how to react to them.  He also has a working knowledge of ASP.NET and desktop applications.  At MV Tech Innovations We are here for You!